iPhone Genius

LATEST PHONE LENS KIT: SMART & EASY iphone lens kit introduces an updated lens bundle with Reciprocal Screw Design, Easy to Screw and Unscrew, No More Stuck! Excellent Kit for taking your memorable shots.

ANTI-SLIP LENS CLIP: SMART & EASY cell phone lens set comes with brand new rotatable rubber pad, make it exactly fit for your phone’s angle and is more stable. It ensures protection and safety for your phone camera lenses with stronger grip, increases stability and enhances style.

CREATIVE ANGLE PICTURES: SMART & EASY cell phone lens for android fisheye lens offers you a wide hemispherical image. Macro lens makes taking extreme close-up pictures of tiny objects possible. Wide-angle lens projects a substantially larger image circle for greater focus and outstanding orientation.

MAGIC MACRO LENS: Our unique Macro and the Wide angle iphone lens set are attached together upon arrival ! The wide angle must be used with macro lens. The macro lens should be used alone for taking stunning close up pics of the tiny objects, Please unscrew the wide angle lens before using macro lens on its own for the very close-up shots.








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