Full Charge ☀️

100%+EXTRA BATTERY LIFE AND PROTECTION: The powerful Atree 2600mAh rechargeable battery case can effectively provide 100%+ extra battery life to your iPhone 7, Moreover, it can protects your iPhone from scratches and other daily wear and tear.

Thin& SLIM DESIGN: Unlike other bulky and overweight case, Atree battery case has no excessive part at the bottom, which makes it is more convenient to fit easily in your hand or in your pocket.

CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE : Just press and hold the power button on the case to charge your iphone when your iphone is in low battery.and the LED indicator on the back will easily tell you the battery level of the case. You can easily install or remove the case by slide the phone without worrying about break the connector.

UNIQUE MAGNETIC DESIGN: Atree iPhone 7 battery case is designed with built-in magnetic sticker which enables you to put your iphone on the magnetic cell phone mount holder more conveniently both in the car or on the desk.

QUALITY GUARANTEED AND LIFETIME WARRANTY:Get one now and never worry about low battery anymore.


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