Camping with light

This is a really nice quality lantern and camping light or keep it in your bug out bag………  I like the solar panel when I am out in the woods hiking
It can be table lamp, hanging lantern and handheld flashlight. With one pulling-out, the lantern lights brightly with six LED. Two top handles enable you to hang it anywhere.
With simple press, the flashlight works with one 5W LED at the bottom. And the side handle is designed for easier carrying.
The middle light and the bottom light can work at the same time.

● 2 Ways of Charging.
For solar charging, it is very easy. Just put it under the sunlight. The solar panel will charge the battery automatically. The suggested solar charging time is 5 to 9 hours.
The package includes one DC charging cable. When you charge the light with the cable, just plug it in and the light will be charged. The DC charging time should not exceed 10 hours.

● USB Emergent Charging Function. This camping lantern can be used as emergent power bank for most mobile phones (most Android phones, exclude any iOS products). Please note that it is not applicable for all Android phones which all depend on your own phones’ condition.


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