Cook it and caramelize it


I received the torch today in the mail and it is well made and beefy looking with the fuel window it is great !!  Comes with a stand and great instructions.  This is SWEET !!

Looking for a powerful, reliable butane blow torch? GET XPERT FLAME’S MICRO BUTANE BLOW TORCH! WHAT MAKES THE XPERT FLAME SPECIAL? PROFESSIONAL – Powerful flame (1300° / 2500°F) to do the job WELL-DESIGNED – Lightweight, sturdy metal that is easy to hold REFILLABLE – Up to 70 minute gas tank, depending on flame size ADJUSTABLE – Gas flow regulator for maxium control WINDOW GAUGE – Always keep track of the gas level while using MORE GREAT FEATURES: EASY TO USE – Set the gauge & shoot the flame at the target COMFORTABLE HANDLE – Ergonomically built so no stress on the hands SAFE TO USE -Safety switch locks the ignition to prevent accidents STAND INCLUDED




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