Start the party

Large and long-lasting battery with big concert sound !!  Great for Camping or going to the beach I also use it at the office in the warehouse for that bumping sound !!  I really love this system and it stays in my camper right now I may have to get another one for the boat



ENJOY YOUR TUNES ANYWHERE: Our A9 portable Bluetooth Sound System can be with you on any excursion, hiking or camping trip and during any outdoor activity you might do! Sporting a high capacity rechargeable 2600*2mAh battery, they’re bound to provide you with all the playtime you need! Weighing in at 1250g, they can be your go-to entertainment accessory for any party or home entertainment as well.

CRYSTAL CLEAR HQ SOUND: A9 wireless speakers deliver impeccable sound quality with no compromises! Enjoy real HIFI quality sound that delivers enhanced clarity, excellent separation of Mids and Highs with less than 1% Total Harmonic Distortion, and strong Bass to get things pumping!

STAY CONNECTED: Our amazing wireless speakers can connect with all smartphones, PCs and MACs! Connect your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, any Android Device, Windows Phone, laptop or what have you, and enjoy listening to your favorite music from any, Bluetooth capable or not, Audio source!

PLAY IT LOUD: What good is HIFI sound when you can’t blast it? Our amazing sound system sports A total 16W output power on dual speakers that will allow you to enjoy your music loudly! This makes our wireless speakers set perfect for any Party or social gathering and it means they can also serve as an amazing home theater speaker set for all your Movies and Games!

MP3/WAV/WMA/FLAC COMPATIBLE: Enjoy listening to your favorite mp3 or WMA collection anywhere you are! Plus, if you have an ear for quality and like listening to uncompressed, fully detailed formats like FLAC or WAV, our portable speakers can also deliver stellar quality Audio and serve as your trustworthy monitors!


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