Infuse it

I believe that this is the coolest one yet !!   I will tell you that I have never seen a Infuser with a built in Alarm Clock in it………….Awesome.   Heka makes a high quality product and this one was on Amazon with I must say a TON of features !!   I toss in some oil of lemon and orange and my bedroom smells great and really relaxing

BRAND NEW DIFFUSER MODEL with easy to read clock (12 and 24 hour options) and subtle, adjustable night light function! Designed in U.S.A. and manufactured to be super quiet and powerful. The Heka Essential Oil Diffuser with Clock is ideal for bedroom, office, nursery, spa – even the pet’s room!

-Misting timer has 4 preset settings (30, 60, 120, 180 minutes) or continuously “on”
-12 or 24-hour clock function with high/low intensity settings
-Cool misting of oils for up to 10 hours
-Adjustable intensity night light function
-Easy to use and easy to clean! Detailed instructions included with Users Manual.
Heka Living brings the highest quality and most affordable products to your home to make life easy, beautiful, and healthy.

The Heka Living 400ml ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is designed to be the perfect size with simple functionality making it ideal for home and office use. Neutral décor, subtle lighting, and ultra-quiet operation will enhance any room, table top, dresser, or desk without becoming the center of attention. With simple care, this essential oil diffuser is designed to provide years of enjoyable service. This diffuser works with all essential oils, including your favorite Young Living and DoTerra essential Oils.


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