Brace it!!

This brace has many features that will make you choose this without giving a second thought, when you are actually in need of a good one. This lightweight brace is suitable for mild to severe knee problems. They help in stabilization of knee, and also treats osteoarthritis, arthritis, and medial/lateral ligament injuries. The main advantage is that this brace is made of a breathable material and hence comfortable to wear for a long duration continuously. During movement of the knees it compresses the knee gradually, tighter in places where you need and looser in places where you don’t. This reduces the pain and swelling in the knee to a greater extent.


RIMSports Women’s Knee Sleeves
1. Made from 5mm Neoprene material.
2. Gives support to painful knees.
3. Relieves moderate and severe knee pain.
4. Keeps knees nice and warm.
5. Provides essential stability.
6. Currently sold individually.
7. Excellent for running, biking, crossfit, etc.
RIMSports’ Knee Sleeves are designed to protect your knees from future injury or potential damage. This protection is especially important for legs that are pushed to the max when running, jumping, weightlifting, doing crossfit, etc.
Designed with you in mind, these lightweight sleeves provides a unique compression element that increases blood flow and reduces knee pain when bending – during and after your workout!
Whether you’re trying to relieve knee fluid, reduce pain behind the knee, or your knee hurts when doing strenuous activity, our RIMSports’ Knee Sleeve will offer you supreme support and super style!
Providing the critical support you need, along with the stylish exterior they want, RIMSports’ Knee Sleeves are made with high quality Neoprene material, that feels comfortable, functions expertly, and look even better!
If you’re looking for knee support for running, knee support for women, knee support for arthritis, knee support for running, our RIMSports’ Knee Sleeves will serve your purpose. Just lift with your legs and we’ll take care of the rest!


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