Team Obsidian

Thank you Team Obsidian this is a high quality product and super light weight adjustable and very comfortable to wear and really bread’s with air flow.  Comes in 2 sizes and adjustable.  It was time to toss out my old 10 yr old helmet and replace with this custom and sleek helmet it’s like a race car compared to the old one.


Discover Our New Comfortable, Lightweight and Well Ventilated Helmet!Think of How High Your Head is Above the Ground When Cycling. That’s a Long Way to Fall and Quite an Impact if You Strike Your Head.
– Skeptical about helmets that are “one size fits all” when obviously we all have different sized heads?
– Frustrated by companies that ignore or don’t address your customer service issues in a timely and appropriate manner?
– Annoyed by bike helmets that don’t fit right and interfere with your riding enjoyment?
– Are uncomfortable straps bothering or irritating your face? TeamObsidian Addresses These Issues “Head On.” Our Helmet Provides Ultimate Protection with It’s Highest Quality & Stylish Design, While also Featuring Modern Comfort & Safety Benefits!
– We do not believe that one size fits all. That’s why we offer two sizes: S/M and M/L.
– This helmet has a spherical design to perfectly fit your own head. Now you can focus on the road, instead of the way your helmet fits.
– Our excellent quality straps feel nice to the touch and lay flat against your cheek, adding another layer of comfort.



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