That perfect smile

. Not sure how it works but this fine black power cleaned up my coffee stained teeth it’s crazy but works !!  But has many other uses…….. I found out that it is a mold cleanse also,

Most people don’t think about mold living in their bodies, but it can. Toxic mold causes depression,kidney and liver failure, decreased brain function, heart disease, eye irritation, headaches, vomiting, impaired immune system function, and severe respiratory distress.

Homes that have flooded, or even those with small leaks under a sub-floor or in the walls, can create an environment where mold can thrive. Poor ventilation contributes to the problem, and bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms are particularly prone to mold growth.

If there is visible mold in your home, it must be mitigated properly. It’s important to wear gloves and a protective mask to keep from inhaling toxic mold during cleanup. Baking soda, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and borax can be used to clean mold off hard surfaces and keep mold from growing in the future.

If you or your family experience symptoms including wheezing, rashes, watery eyes, coughing or headaches that aren’t explained in other ways, your home should be evaluated for mold spore levels, even if no visible mold is detected. It can thrive behind drywall, under floors and in ventilation ducts.

GREAT FOR TEETH WHITENING AND FACIALS: Removes teeth stain and whitens your teeth   naturally! Cleanses your mouth too for fresher breath and better oral health. And if you’re up   for a relaxing facial or body scrub, this organic charcoal powder can buff out dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and pores cleaner and tighter.

VERY FINE HIGH QUALITY POWDER: Our raw, high-grade quality activated carbon powder is   super fine and not gritty. It is safe and gentle for use as a homemade face mask, facial scrub, toothpaste alternative, or a tooth whitening agent.

MADE FROM 100% PURE ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: This product is pure, natural bamboo  activated charcoal powder.You are guaranteed of odorless and toxic-free mouth-cleansing, face washing, and more.

ENJOY VARIOUS PERSONAL CARE USES: Use this quality bamboo charcoal powder for treating  acne, insect bites, bee stings, wound cleansing, removing makeup, and even for removing   body odor. Simply blend in a small amount of coconut oil or any essential oil of choice and it’s ready to go.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We’re confident with this product but in case you wish to return   the item for any reason, we’ll be happy to give you a full refund—no questions asked. Click the “Add to Cart” button now and start enjoying whiter teeth, fresher breath, and silky skin today!



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