Safe and visible 

These are really great for being outdoors! Whether you are running, on a walk, playing sports or even camping, these little but POWERFUL lights are amazing and a huge need. They provide you with an immense amount of light that will help people see you and you see around you. We have used these at the beach, the park, sporting events, camping, we never are without one of these lights when we are out because they also RECHARGE. That is right, no batteries, just recharge them and they are ready to go. Also, would be a fantastic idea to keep one in your car in case of emergencies. Great stocking stuffer or gift topper. Highly recommend!


High visibility and safety from a small (1×1.75″) and lightweight (1/2oz) package that never needs batteries!
Utilising USB and cutting edge LED technology, this light works for all outdoor night activities. With white and red modes, this can be used for so many purposes, keeping your kids safe while riding or playing at dusk to taking out the trash to getting in the attic or going for a winter run.
4 modes (2 white and 2 red) are designed to keep you seen and safe, front and back!



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