Safe and simple with Grandpa Gus’s

Thanks Grandpa Gus these are really nice quality mouse traps and great so the kids don’t loose a finger ya can’t get to the mouse trap without the key !!!   Brilliant idea and great for church or office or garage………………… You get 4 traps so share them with a friend you can get them on Amazon  —-



“Pull up a stump and I’ll tell you the way the catchin’ yer critters SHOULD work…

“Back in my day, we used simple methods to catch mice and squirrels and all the little varmints. We didn’t put poison in our house. We didn’t need to kill. We just wanted ’em out and we wanted it to be simpler…

“Well, I’m here to tell you that I’m brining those times back. All of my critter concoctions are old time handshake guaranteed to work. We use non-poisonous, non-toxic repellent made from real natural materials from the earth.

“And, if you’re a trap type of person, our critter traps are safe and humane. You just want to get rid of the little buggers, you don’t need to kill ’em, right?

“No mess, no fuss and no touching. I just want to make it easy for you and your kin to live happy at home again. That’s my old time wish, and that’s my old time handshake guarantee.” –Grandpa Gus


NO SEE, NO TOUCH, NO MESS, NO GROSS – finally, a way to effectively trap the mice invading your home without all of the hassles. Grandpa Gus’s Clear Box Mouse Trap is perfect for people who want to rid their home of mice without having to touch dead animals or even see them! Tamper-proof, hygenic and effective, it’s also the safest solution around children and pets since the traps are concealed from touch. These are premium traps and boxes that are unparalleled in how they look-discreet and concealed from view…

A MULTI SET OF 4 TRAPS, BOXES & KEYS THAT ARE SAFE WITH KIDS AND PETS – Grandpa Gus’s clear mouse boxes are perfect around pets of child. Fingers and paws cannot be caught in the trap since it is inside the box. The entry holes for the box are made just for mice and butt up perfectly against the wall where they typically run. And, the GENIUS HIDDEN SECRET, is that these traps can only be set off when the mouse enters the box. Kids can’t disturb them and pets can’t play with them. The bait and trap are secure inside. Set comes with 4 snap traps, inside 4 boxes, with 4 keys. (Yes, these boxes are so secure that they come with a key!) Traps are fully reusable, durable plastic, yet are also easily disposable for those who do not want to touch dead mice…

DISCREET TRANSLUCENT COVERED BOX SHIELDS MICE FROM VIEW – if you’d rather have somebody else handle the mess that comes with trapping mice, the Clear Mouse Box is the BEST trap you’re looking for. The semi-see thru design lets you know if a mouse is caught in the box without you having to observe the carnage. You’ll know it’s in there but you won’t have to see it full on. What’s more, the two peep holes in the top allow you a closer view to see if the trap has been tripped so you never have to open the box if you’re unsure. 

CONTENTS: 4 translucent boxes, 4 easy set snap trap, 4 keys, plus instructions



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