Clean and flush your body

Has a nice taste and smell I feel somewhat relaxing but I am here drinking it for DETOX to clean out harmful junk in my system from all the processed foods we eat.

This is a unique blend of power packed organic ingredients: Green Tea: loaded with antioxidants, a potent fat burner and boosts metabolism. Holy Basil: An adaptogen that helps the body to cope with stress. Spearmint: A safe and natural appetite suppressant leaving you feel satisfied with smaller meal portions. Stimulates weight loss. Rose Hips: Accelerates fat metabolism and enhances glucose clearance. Inhibits fat accumulation in tissues and stimulates fat burning. Lemon Myrtle: An antioxidant and a fat burner; helps to reduce cellulite. Linden Blossoms: A natural relaxant. Ginger Root: Reduces bloating, heartburn and indigestion; facilitates colon cleansing, a natural appetite suppressant and a natural fat burner. Buy now and kick start your detox, body cleanse, weight loss and slimming journey to a healthier you. Look and feel great and energized.



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