Be safe

This unit is packed full of great options charge it with a micro USB or crank it with the handle that is sooo Cool.  You have a super bright flashlight choose high-low-strobe and a red flashing light comes with 4 magnets to put on car a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter WOW


The EYLO Emergency Flashlight is a 6 in 1 survival tool thats perfect for your home, car, boat, camping trip or any other outdoor adventure.  This all in on tool come with:

-Rechargeable LED Flashlight with 4 settings (Bright, Dim, Strobe and SOS)
-USB Charging Port for cell phones and mobile devices.
-Hand Crank Charging System…  No Batteries Needed!
-Emergency Flasher
-Seat Belt Cutter
-Window Breaker Hammer
-4 Magnets to attach to car

The EYLO tool is a premium durable/Reliable emergency tool that’s a must have for your car emergency kit, survival gear and home emergency kit.



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