What you need for Armageddon

Small bright and compact really like it but the only issue is when you pu;; out the accordion plastic it gets all messed up trying to put back in, not sure how to fix it

Product Description


The Bright Outdoors Solar Lantern is a super versatile, super bright light that suits any outdoors activity. Solar powered, you can simply leave it to soak up the sun’s rays or plug in to a USB outlet for 6-10 hours of light.

The ingenious design creates 3 products in one: leave closed for a directional flashlight or pull open for a lantern that lights up the campsite or yard. If you need to charge your phone or other device, simply plug into the powerbank (will charge the average smartphone about 50%) 2 different brightness modes let you control the battery life. And there’s even an SOS flash setting for when things get rough.

Clever design gives big light (65 lumens) from a package that folds down to just 2 inches high and 3 inches wide. It easily fits in your backpack, cupboard, glove compartment or just about anywhere! 


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