Bye bye bugs

Nice unit quiet and blue led light on it seems to be high quality I need to get more of them goodbye Mr Mouse

This product is an ultrasonic pest repeller that works on roaches, mosqitoes, ants, mice and other rodents.

  • CHEMICAL FREE PEST CONTROL: EcoPest ultrasonic pest repeller is the safest solution to get rid of unwanted critters. No need to use harsh chemicals around your children and pets.

    KEEPS RODENTS AND INSECTS OUT OF YOUR HOUSE: Simply plug the pest repeller into a wall outlet and watch all unwanted pests disappear. The EcoPest pest eliminator sends out ultrasonic signals that are extremely disturbing to rodents and insects.

    COVERAGE AREA: One EcoPest unit will cover rooms between 500 and 700 square feet. For best results use one unit per room.


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