Weeding or zombie ready?


Super sharp end for weeding and gardening I thinking it has other uses  also camping hiking and self defense –Just saying

Product Description

Toil in the Soil Paving Hand Weeder – 12.2 inch Overall Length, Rugged Stainless Steel L-Shaped Blade with Multiple Cutting Edges, Weed Removal Tool Ideal for Small Crevices

A “DIY” must-have for garden tool and equipment collections, the Toil in the Soil Paving Weeder creates postcard perfect gardens and home landscapes.
Constructed with a durable angled blade with multiple cutting surfaces, this 3.74 inch wide hand weeding tool digs deep into cracks and crevices to remove stubborn roots, grasses and weeds.
Perfect for edging around the garden and trimming weeds from decorative stone work, patio pavers, pavement, brickwork, and block planters.
Best weeding tool to increase curbside appeal of homes by keeping driveways and sidewalks grass, dandelion and weed-free. Simple to use and eliminates the use of harsh, costly chemicals.
High-quality stainless steel blade resists rust and corrosion for years of use.



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