Super large and well made pillow great for camping and leaving in the RV.  Comes with a carry bag and a warm flannel pillow case comes in this orange and also in blue.  Really a must for the camper or a long road trip

Technology meets comforts of home.  As avid pioneers, backpackers and travel enthusiasts, we developed this pillow with the adventurer in mind. We wanted a pillow that was lightweight, but big enough to allow for turning over in the night, and offering enough comfort and padding when reading in your tent, or leaning up against an airline window or automobile door jam. And, we looked high and low until we designed our own combination of ultra softness with neck / cervical support. Weighing only 9 ounces, this pillow is lighter than many other travel pillows that we tested. And it compacts down to easily fit in your carry on or backpack with the included pouch.

BUT WAIT – There is a SPECIAL FEATURE. This self inflating, inner foam padded pillow COMES WITH A PILLOW CASE!  Yep, it includes a super soft, super durable, pillowcase handmade in the USA.  This is not an ordinary pillow case.  No, with this one, style meets function, giving you one of the only travel pillows with such a comfortable accessory.

What are you waiting for?  Your Terra Friendly Adventure Travel Pillow awaits…

★Terra Friendly was inspired by a desire to encourage everyone’s connection to family and the outdoors. We offer products that improve our adventures, thus increasing our awareness of our awesome planetary home.
Embrace Yourself. Embrace Our Planet.


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