Change it up

EP auto cabin air filter for my Toyota CP 285 charcoal cabin air filter, most people forget and never change this filter it will plug up and hurt your A/C and heating system and that will cost you BIG TIME
EPAuto Cabin Air Filter Provides clean air for driver and passengers, contains soda and carbon to generate fresh breeze air.Compatible model and year list:
• LEXUS: CT200H(2011-2015), ES300H(2013-2015), ES350(2007-2015), GS300(2006), GS350(2007-2011), GS430 (2006-2007), GS450h(2007-2011), GS460(2008-2011), HS250h(2010-2012), IS250(2006-2013), IS350(2006-2013), IS-F (2008-2013), LF-A (2012-2013), LS460 (2007-2015), LS600h(2008-2015), GX460(2010-2015), LX570(2008-2015), NX200t(2015), NX300h (2015), RX350 (2010-2015), RX450h(2010-2015)
• PONTIAC: VIbe (2009-2010)
• SCION: TC(2011-2015), xB(2008-2015), xD(2008-2014)
• SUBARU: Legacy(2010-2014), Outback(2010-2014)
• TOYOTA: Avalon(2005-2015), Camry(2007-2015), Corolla(2009-2015), Matrix(2009-2014), Prius(2010-2015), Venza(2009-2015),Yaris(2007-2015), 4Runner(2010-2015) Highlander(2008-2015), Land Cruiser(2008-2015), RAV4(2006-2015), Sequoia(2008-2015), Sienna(2011-2015), Tundra(2007-2015).

1.Open the glove compartment
2.Pull the arm free from the glove compartment
3.Press inward on the sides of the glove compartment to disconnect the stops.
4.Slide the filter frame out from the housing
5.Remove the old filter from the frame carefully
6.Install the new filter in the frame with the air flow arrow pointing down. Make sure it is securely tucked under all the retaining tabs on the top of the frame.
7.Slide the frame back into the housing and make sure it snaps securely
8.Close the glove compartment while pressing inward on the sides to reconnect the stops
9.Re-attach the dampener arm
10.Re-install the Phillips head screw, which will secure the dampener arm to the glove compartment. Close the glove compartment.



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