500 Tyvek wristbands

Great product for Schools, churches, parties, sporting events.  Like the 500 band pack you get 100ea Yellow -red-orange green -blue  Come get these on Amazon

GOLDISTOCK- THE “BETTER SECURITY” WRISTBAND. The “Goldistock” name printed on the wristband along with 2 distinctive thick black bands (see images) offers some protection from gatecrashers. Gatecrashers can buy generic/no name wristbands to get into your event. Generic/no name wristbands are readily available to any gatecrasher in big box, office supply, and party stores.

SECURITY FIRST. Goldistock wristbands have a strong, waterproof, adhesive closure including tamper-resistant security cuts. If an attendee attempts to remove the wristband the scored material rips making it very difficult to transfer. Individual colors will be sequentially numbered making them ideal for crowd control and keeping track of attendance. Numbers of different colored wristbands will NOT be in sequence.

PREMIUM GRADE TYVEK MATERIAL. Goldistock wristbands are manufactured in the USA with genuine Dupont Tyvek material. 100% Waterproof and durable. Stays on even if it gets wet. Does not stretch or tear. Sharpie friendly. One Size Fits All – 3/4″ Wide x 10″ Long. Fits on any size wrist from the smallest child to the largest adult. Wristbands come in sheets of 10. You get 50 sheets in all for a total of 500 wristbands.
IDEAL FOR ANY EVENT: Concerts, sporting events, parties, fairs, water & amusement parks, trade shows, conferences, school functions, seminars, and nightclubs. Nearly endless applications.

SECURITY TIP #1: Constantly rotate the color of wristbands you use. For example, using only neon green all the time is a security risk. SECURITY TIP #2: Specialty wristbands with “VIP”, “General Admission”, Happy Face” etc. offer even better security than plain color wristbands, and are easily visible even from a distance.




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