Booming sound

Cool booming headphones in 5 bright colors.   Overall I’m satisfied with these Bluetooth headphones. They offer the handsfree  phone with a cable and allow simple commands to be used from the headset itself. I would like to see a case come with it and other ear pieces

You can’t get through your workout without music accessories to help you listen to your favorite songs, but sadly, most iPhone & Android phone accessories like sport headphones feature wires that make it hard for you to give every move your all.
We designed the Primed4U Novelty Series Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to be different than those other accessories. In fact, they’re simply the best iPhone accessories & Android accessories to use during your workouts! That’s because our headset BlueTooth earphones are:
– EASY TO PAIR. Sync the BlueTooth headphones with virtually any Bluetooth device up to 10 meters away in an instant!
– ERGONOMIC. Our stereo Bluetooth headset comes with multiple earbuds to ensure a perfect fit.
– EQUIPPED WITH A MICROPHONE. You can answer calls without having to stop your workout!
– STATE OF THE ART. The sound quality and speech clarity of the wireless headphones with mic are second to none!
– SWEATPROOF. You won’t have to worry about a sweaty brow ruining these Bluetooth headphones with mic.
– LIGHTWEIGHT. Our Bluetooth sport headphones won’t ever weigh you down.
– SIMPLE TO OPERATE. Adjust through 10 different volume levels at the touch of a button.
– LONG LASTING. Get up to 150 hours of standby time & 4 to 6 hours of talk or play time on a single charge.
– QUICK TO RECHARGE. You can have these headphones repowered within 1.5 hours using the included Micro USB cable.
– GUARANTEED. Our headphones come with a lifetime guarantee! If you’re not fully satisfied, we’ll refund your money.
Make listening to music while you work out easier than ever before with the best Bluetooth earbuds on Amazon! ORDER Yours TODAY!   




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