Drive trash can

Very high quality product hand sewn and vinyl inside and also comes with 20 bag liners a great idea for a road trip this bad boy is coming with………..#driveandwin

You’re going to absolutely love this reusable Car Garbage Bag from DRIVE.  Why? Because we’ve done all the research on what buyers like or don’t like about their automotive trash bins…

The idea of having a versatile container to help keep your vehicle clean and organized is smart.  Many who now have one are saying things like “Finally a place for all the junk in my car”.

*Bonus 20 Pack Trash Liner – We heard the user comments, “to keep it clean & odor free we buy disposable bags for inside”.  So we included ’em!

*Hand Sewn Edges & Seams, Less Ripping, Stays Open, or Velcro Closed, Mesh Side Pouch Pocket, and a Portable Headrest Seat Attachment with quick release buckle strap to hang anywhere including door grabs, headrests, seat buckles, or shifter.



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