Drive n Win

I have had others before this is way lighter and nicely put together Tyvek is a reflective house wray and works great to keep the heat out of your car.

We have to let you in on a little secret that has been hiding in plain sight all this time… Many competing Windshield Sunshade suppliers are sourcing the same nylon polyester vehicle shades and saying it’s No.1.  But the truth is it’s not.  None of them are made from Tyvek by DuPont…  And none of them feature our custom Velcro attachment design.

Best For Windshield Dashboard Protection, Premium Sunshade Blocks Sun UV Heat Rays – Retractable & Universal, Fits most Auto Vehicles with a custom Velcro attachment option, unique to the industry.

And it gets even Better!!! DRIVE and Win, home of the the DRIVE and Win Monthly raffle and giveaways, you will qualify to enter.

Tyvek® brand – The original non-woven technology, has a high strength-to-weight ratio, absorbs little or no moisture, is strong and rip-resistant, and is made of environmentally responsible material. Both bright white for sunlight reflection and silky smooth, it has a distinctive look and feel that enhances graphic images and instantly sets it apart from all other materials.


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