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Love this product line you need to get on Amazon and try it !!  There is something about a beach vacation that always leaves my skin looking clear and fresh. I think of this product as a tropical vacation in a bottle. It feels great on my skin, and it leaves it feeling refreshed. I love using it! I spray a little on my face after washing it, then I put on moisturizer next. I can feel it absorb into my skin right away! I absolutely recommend this product.



90 powerful Oceanic Minerals, micro minerals, vitamins and vital nutrients help repair, rejuvenate and deeply nourish your skin, giving it a healthier, more youthful glow. This wonderful line of Ocean Mineral products is specially formulated to work together to improve the effectiveness of one another. For that reason, we would like you to use them all.

This incredible promotion is for our newly launched, liine of Azure Naturals Ocean Mineral products!
This promotion includes our Ocean Minerals Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer and Facial Hydration Mask!

Bloggers will receive the above four (4) mentioned Ocean Minerals products and will be required to use and promote the our entire line including provide individual Amazon reviews.

Bloggers will be proivded with the opportunity to give-away one set of the same four (4) products to one lucky contest winner!


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