Pro shower 

Super high quality product and comes with a life time warranty, has a large rain shower head and a rotating hand shower with 2 different massage heads !!  Get yours today!!  Really luv this shower head Pro unit.

Product Description

AquaCare 4-in-1 Rainfall Combo with Hand Shower & Rotating Hydro-Brush/Massager

Rainfall Shower Head, Handheld Shower and Rotating Hydro-Brush/Massager – All in One! Luxurious 6″ Rainfall Shower Head features High-power 3-zone Click-lever Dial, Rub-clean Jets and 6 pampering settings.

3-in-1 Rotary Hand Shower can be used as Rotary HydroBrush with rotating attachments, Manual HydroBrush with stationary attachments, or Conventional Hand Shower without attachments.

It features Split-zone Dual Chamber Design with 3 water flow settings, convenient Handle Flow Control and two Snap-on Attachments that can be activated by running water and ON/OFF Rotation Switch. Powered by Running Water, No Batteries or Electricity! Patented Floating-Gear Design provides powerful rotation by eliminating friction while lubricating inner turbine parts by running water. So they never wear out and require no maintenance.

Revolutionary Rotating Hydrotherapy for Superior Skin & Body Care!

AquaCare heads deliver unprecedented health benefits as you shower. They eliminate the need for manual brushes and sponges, making showering effortless and enjoyable. As your skin pores open from heat and moisture, soft, flexible rotating bristles of Body Brush gently cleanse and exfoliate your entire body in minutes, instantly lifting and removing dead skin and impurities under high-power water flow.

Change to Body Massager and feel its firm rotating fingers quickly penetrate stress points to relax muscles, relieve joint pain, break up cellulite deposits and increase blood circulation.

Includes 2-way Water Diverter with angle-adjustable Overhead Bracket, Removable Water Flow Regulators, Plumber’s Tape and Extra-long 6′ Stainless Steel Hose with dual Conical Brass nuts for easy hand tightening. Designed and Built in USA. Lifetime Warranty



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