Hit the Rapids 

WOW this is a thick quality product and waterproof for my gear super large and secure and what a great bonus a waterproof case for my smartphone looks like great quality and performance product.  Get yours today on Amazon.

This Ultra Dry Bag 10L & smart phone Case creates a perfect combination of waterproof bags for any adventurer, needn’t worry about your gear, its taken care of. Both are the very highest quality, these New Dry bags are perfect for a day of adventure, able to store all your days gear safely & not too heavy to hold you back!

  • A PERFECT MID SIZED DRY BAG – This 10 Liter, waterproof bag is Perfect To Keep Your Personal Stuff Safe from Harm For the Day. Fantastic For Traveling, Water Sports, Kayaking, Canoeing, Boating, White Water Rafting, Skiing, Snowboarding, and a Lifetime Of Rugged Adventures!
  • LARGE QUALITY WATERPROOF PHONE CASE INCLUDED  This Case Fits All Large Smartphones Up to 6.0″ Diagonal Size, like the iphone 6 plus & Samsung Galaxy s5, Great for The beach, fishing, Water Parks and Water Sports Activities, Offers Waterproof / Snowproof / Sandproof Protection for your Device .



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