Power now!!

This is a great and fast n powerful battery bank goes in my Bug out bag rally need in the times with the power out and my phone is in need of power!!!  Get yours today



10000mAh Power BankNever Run Out Of Power Again!
– Are you tired of having your cell phone or tablet die while you are out?
– Do you wish you could charge your mobile device without the need for an outlet?
– Do you wish there was a portable battery that could hold 2 – 3 full cell phone charges?
Now you can own your very own portable charger!
– Supports nearly any device that can be charged with a USB cable (phones, gaming controllers, tablets, etc.)
– Built-in LED indicator lights let you know the power level of the power bank
– includes a built in LED flashlight
– Has 2 USB slots so you can charge 2 devices at the same time
– Holds a whopping 10000mAh of power, enough to fully charge most cell phones 2 – 3 times
– Comes with instruction manual and USB cable to charge the power bank. (You will need to use the cable that came with your phone, tablet or other device to charge them. The supplied cable is only to charge the power bank.)



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