All IN !!

This is a super nice set and would make a  amazing gift for anyone.I am a huge poker guy and wanted to put this in my bar game room for when the guys come over. i received this product at a discounted rate

Everything you need for a friendly game of poker at home in one great package.
The chips are heavy 11.5 grams each and are perfectly balanced to give you authentic casino feel and sound.
The dice striped chip design is the most popular design on the market today
50 Green 50 Blue 50 Black 50 Red and 100 White – Each chip measures 39mm in diameter and weighs 11.5 grams.
– Set of 300 Casino-Quality Poker Chips
– Comes with 2 Decks of Cards, Dealer, Small Blind, Big Blind Buttons and 5 Dice
– Includes Heavy-Duty Aluminum Case with Black Felt Interior
– 11.5g Dice Style Poker Chips
– Complete Set To Play Anywhere!



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