Play station 4 

I love this unit has a cool green glow and extra USB ports, super cool design and keeps my controllers fully charged in 3 hours

Display your controllers in style! TNT interactive brings you the Arc Charger – Specifically designed for the Sony Playstation 4 DualShock controller. It has the ability to expand to charge up to 4 controllers at the same time! Distinct dual colored LED light indicator shows charging status – Flashing red for charging – Solid green when fully charged. The padded foam base has been manufactured extra thick to keep the charger in place as you remove and install the controllers. Charge the battery on your PS4 controller quick to stay ahead of your gaming competition. Comes with AC adapter and micro usb to usb cable.  Get yours on Amazon today!!

  • Power through the USB port on your console or use the included AC adapter through an outlet
  • Anti-slip EVA foam extra thick padded base
  • Fully charge two controllers simultaneously within three hours
  • Contents include – 1 Arc Charger, 1 USB to mini USB cable and 1 AC adapter
  • Charge up to four controllers simultaneously using the side USB outputs with the AC adapter and USB to mini USB cables (extra cables not included)



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