Bamboo and Green

This is super nice quality way nicer than the pictures can show hols a ton of stuff and is versatile product I also like the fact that it is Bamboo which is a Green product and is really a Grass and a reusable product you now see flooring and decking make in this product!!

WHY BAMBOO? Primarily basketmakers and craftsman, today, use bamboo. Until recently, there was not that much interest in propagating bamboo until the Chitimacha Tribal Council asked the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Louisiana for help. Presently, there is ongoing research and experiments with the local bamboo found growing by the reservation at the Louisiana NRCS Plant Materials Center. In the neighboring state of Mississippi the Choctaw Tribal Council has asked for help from the Mississippi NRCS in propagating Arundinaria gigantea ssp. tecta (NRCS). However, A. gigantea ssp. tecta is found only in the southeastern part of Louisiana. Arundinaria gigantea ssp. gigantea (Hitchcock 1950) Arundinaria gigantea ssp. tecta (Hitchcock 1950) Arundinaria gigantea distribution (Thomas and Allen 1993) Arundinaria gigantea inflorescence (TAMUBWG Image Gallery) NRCS 2000 Chitimacha Baskets 2001 Bamboo could play an important role in livestock management, wildlife management, erosion control, windbreaks, nutrient management, and waste management. It is considered the highest-yielding native pasture for domestic cattle in the southeastern United States, providing low-maintenance, highly nutritious grazing all year (Biswell and Foster, 1942; Biswell et al., 1945). Crude protein, calcium, and phosphorus are well above the requirements for maturing cattle (Walkup 1991). It can withstand flooding, drought, and intense surface fires, making it a remarkably stable source of forage (Walkup 1991). Canebrakes also provide habitat for wildlife. Many birds and small mammals use canebrakes for nesting, cover, and as a food source and many herbivores, such as black bear, rabbit, pig, deer, use bamboo as forage. Bamboo has a massive rhizome and root system. It is planted sometimes as a hedgerow, windbreak, and along ditches for erosion control. The plants form a dense canopy aboveground and underground to catch the soil and prevent water and wind erosion. It also provides protection for other plants growing nearby by protecting them from the wind. Bamboo responds dramatically to fertilizer. If bamboo is found downstream of fields with runoff, it catches the runoff and uses the fertilizer to increase its yields. Therefore, it should be planted for nutrient management purposes. Also, bamboo can be planted along manure lagoons because of its dense canopy aboveground and underground. It can filter the wastes along the banks of the manure lagoons. Bamboo has many uses and A. gigantea is a native to Louisiana. Therefore, it should grow very well in the right conditions in Louisiana and can be used for several purposes.

  • KD Organizers: proof that truly functional home storage solutions can look great too! Great idea for housewarming, birthday, graduation, bridal shower, wedding registry, christmas, or holiday gifts.
  • Six compartments provide generous storage capacity. Measures 17.75 in. x 12 in. x 2.5 in. deep.
  • Kitchen storage for cutlery, silverware and flatware, with big spaces for forks, spoons, and knives. Works great in cabinets and desks.
  • Sturdy, well-built drawer dividers and trays are beautifully made from eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo. Great caddy for spices, sunglasses, makeup, cosmetics, beauty, jewelry, tools, and all sorts of things. Get a clutter-free house!
  • If for any reason this product does not meet your expectation, we will send you a new one for free at our cost. No questions asked. Buy now to take advantage of the limited-time special pricing! Guaranteed to be sturdy and beautiful.



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