Coolest charger system ever


Wow, this idea is great and no more cords it’s a super COOL idea, I must say it is a little slow I feel in the charging process and maybe it is normal but faster on my Apple cord.  But with that said it is great to be cord free !!!!  The charging case in black or white protects the phone nicely and you just lay it on the pad and it charging so it is nice and simple !!


Now you can have wireless charging on your iPhone 6 with this sleek wireless charging enabled protective case
– Live a cable free lifestyle with this iPhone 6 wireless charging case.
– Start charging wirelessly seconds after clipping the case on your iPhone 6.
– The unique and easy to remove lightning connector gives you quick access to your lightning port.
– No more removing covers or receivers to access your lightning port.
– Perfect for those seeking for a sleek wireless charging solution for their iPhones.
– This case is tough and thin offering great protection for your iPhone 6.
– 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

#touchcharge  Comes in Black and White

iPhone 6 Wireless Charging Case
– Instant ‘plug and play’ wireless charging for your iPhone 6.
– Easy to remove lightning connector and quick and easy access to lightning port.
– Full compatibility with universal headphones and adapters.
– Sleek design keeps iPhone feeling slim and protected.
– Snap on case clips onto your iPhone 6 easily and securely.

Wireless Charging Pad
– Easy installation and use
– Instant ‘plug and play’ simply place Wireless Charging case on charging pad.
– Anti-slip grip keeps charger stable and protects device from scratches.
– Built in LED display lets you knw when your device is charging.
– USB cable can be plugged into a computer, powerbank or directly into a wall socket.



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