3x Great cords


Wow I am shocked haw heavy duty these cords are top of the line plus the super long goes from my battery bank in my backpack to my iphone in my hand you need to get these cords asap !!!

MFI Certified Heavy Duty 3ft ,6ft ,9ft Iphone Lightning Charging Cable (3 Pack), Short Iphone Charging Cable, Medium Iphone Charging Cable, Extra Long iphone Charging Cable, Iphone Charging Cable Pack for iPhone 6, 6Plus, 5s, 5c, 5, iPad Air, Mini, Mini2, iPad 4th gen, iPod touch 5th gen, and iPod nano 7th gen

The iphone cable multi pack by Cornucopia Brands is the perfect iphone cable pack to solve your iphone charging cable needs once and for all.

These heavy duty cables come in three incredible sizes 3ft iphone charging cable, 6ft iphone charging cable, and 9ft iphone charging cable.

All 3 lengths of our charging cable are MFI certified, and constructed of incredibly heavy duty cording, both inside and outside. Double bonded interior wiring, made to standard on par, and with the larger length cables, above, OEM cables.

The iphone charging cables included in our iphone charging cable multi pack are unique in that we simply do not just sell you a longer version of the same cord. Each of our charging cables are larger in diameter for each longer length. Which means you can transfer data and power as quickly with the 3ft, as you can with the 9ft. We do this by manufacturing our 6, and 9 ft cable with mfi certified wiring that is nearly double the diameter with the 9ft, as with the 3ft.

These are not your run of the mill iphone charging cables. When you add our iphone cable bundle to your cart, and they arrive at your door step, you wont believe the quality, and lengths.

Our 9ft cable will simply **** you away! Its diameter and length are unlike any charging cable on the market.

Buy with confidence, the MFI certified iphone charging cable bundle by Cornucopia Brands



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