Mexican tonight

I really love this dinner packet I just cubed up some Spam and toss it it’s a meal!!!  Keep it in your bug out bag !!!  Perfect…. comes in many different flavors and multi paks in master case can be bought on Amazon

With the unpredictability of the world we live in, it’s important to ensure you are always prepared. Whether it’s a natural disaster that temporarily leaves you with limited resources, a pre-planned family camping trip, or just purely a matter of convenience, having an ample amount of food storage is never a bad idea. At Valley Food Storage, we have based our business on the principle that you don’t have to compromise good quality and taste when stocking up on freeze dried food storage. Our foods are made with high quality ingredients, deliciously bold flavors, and the science and technology to ensure long-lasting viability. What makes Valley Food Storage different from other food storage brands is the way we package our meals. By refraining from the use of MSG, and removing harmful ingredients such as hydrogenated oils and syrups, trans fats, and GMOs, the shelf life of our products is increased, keeping them fresh, delicious, and safe to eat for up to 25 years. Our long term food storage packs come in variety of sizes and amounts for all your storage needs. We offer everything from a one-month supply of freeze dried meals, all the way up to an entire year supply of food. Our kits include everything you need to get started with your food storage supply, with options for sweet, delicious breakfasts and hearty, as well as wholesome lunches and dinners. We also have kits for disaster preparedness, 72-hour emergency kits, water purifiers, and fire starters to keep you sustained for the first 3 days of an emergency or natural disaster. When it comes to camping and backpacking food, Valley Food Storage offers easy-to-transport, nutritious meals that will keep you energized for your journey ahead. Our lightweight Mylar bags protect your food from the elements without compromising the ease of transport with unnecessary weight. Valley Food Storage uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure you get the best tasting meals with the highest nutrition.

  • QUALITY AIRTIGHT MYLAR BAGS* Durable, Reusable & Resealable like a Ziploc; Easy Storage
    *SIMPLE & EASY TO PREPARE* Just add water! High Quality & Taste and a Great Value
    *MADE IN THE USA* Quality & Convenient ingredients have deliciously bold flavors; 25 year shelf life
    BETTER BECAUSE FOODS DO NOT CONTAIN – Hydrogenated Oils, GMO, MSG or Trans Fats






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