Great running belt

Have you gotten really thirsty in the middle of a run? What about not having a comfortable place to store your smartphone during your run? With our lightweight and ergonomic running belt, you can bring your running experience to the next level and enjoy both of these benefits and many more.

Our premium hydration belt allows you to make your overall running experience more comfortable and fun. The soft inner zipper pouch of the belt lets you securely store your smartphone without having it bounce as you run. The water bottles save you the hassle of having to wait in water lines during your next 5K or marathon race. The adjustable size ensures a secure fit around the hips.

  • seems to be made very well and handy zippered pocket with 2 water bottles on each side
  • #strongholdaccessories
    • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Soft lightweight neoprene material designed to enhance your running experience. No bouncing, chafing or discomfort even on extended long distance running. Includes two 6 ounce BPA-fee leak proofwater bottles to keep you hydrated.
    • SECURE STORAGE: Water and sweat resistant pouch designed to keep your phone and valuables safe and secure. Second protected inner pocket keeps your keys from scratching your phone. Pocket size can accomodate nearly all smartphones.
    • SIZED TO FIT: Pro comfort elastic waste strap adjusts to your hip size – 27
    • HIGH VISIBILITY: Neon color zipper designed to keep drivers alert of your presence on early morning and evening runs.


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