Best ever 

I have dry arms and legs for using the Hot Tub everyday, so I have been using this coconut oil everyday and it works better than anything else that I have tried so far, it’s not greasy and Hypoallergenic.  Get yours today on Amazon………………Try It!!

Incredible Multi-Purpose Carrier Oil Product On The Market! Best Carrier Oil for Massage, Therapeutic Recipes and Essential Oils 

– Great therapeutic benefits
– Excellent on skin; a natural and very safe moisturizer, softener and non-irritant lubricator
– It can be mixed with other carriers and essential Oils – Wonderful balance of saturated fats helps stimulate hair growth
– Fractionated coconut oil is a carrier that never goes rancid

100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil 
– Many aromatherapy recipes use coconut oil for the various therapeutic benefits it offers
– It leaves skins smooth with no greasy feeling
– Odorless and colorless. Does not stain and easily washes out of clothing and sheets
– Low production costs make it cost effective
– It does not aggravate skin problems or clog pores

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