Bringing drinks in my golf bag

Great bottle holds 750ml of wine but also will hold Vodka and etc.  put it in my golf bag, suitcase, backpack great to haul product in it’s your choice I need more of these………..


FULL 750ml BOTTLE CAPACITY; easily transfer a full 750ml bottle into the collapsible wine bottle, thanks to the wide mouth. This bottle is perfect for concerts, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. Here is a demonstration video of how to fill the bottle –
COMPACT, FLEXIBLE DESIGN; premium wine bag is foldable, collapsible and bendable. Lets you enjoy your favorite drink anywhere without fussing about breaking bottles, especially during outdoor events like camping and hiking.
REUSABLE WITH NO TASTE TRANSFER; easily washes and rinses after use. With BPA-free materials, there is absolutely no taste transfer or lingering odors between uses. Your beverage keeps its original taste and aroma.
CONVENIENTLY DISCREET; when you want complete discretion about your choice of beverage, you can count on MoiChef’s premium wine bags. With no branding of any particular beverage, you keep snooping eyes much less curious.
EASY STORAGE; suitable for storing anywhere because it’s leak-free and collapsible. Why worry about storage space when you can fold it, roll it or even make use of the ringlet to hang it with a carabiner.



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