Burgers on the grill time

If you love burgers on the grill like me then Get 5lb of ground beef and start making them burgers make them thick or thin or stuffed there all great and so simple to use.

If you’re a burger enthusiast, our gourmet hamburger press will make it ridiculously easy to cook flawless burgers for years. You’ll quickly see for yourself how the exceptional design molds and presses ground hamburger meat into perfect patties… time after time… to create the ULTIMATE burger experience. The secret behind it is a special lifter that grates the patty so it COOKS EVENLY and produces an identical, consistent round shape… every time. You’ll find this easy grip lifter makes it effortless to remove the formed patty… without ever touching the meat or struggling with the patties sticking to the press. On top of that, you can also choose the thickness you prefer, thin or thick, with 4.5″ diameter burgers (perfect for fitting buns). Now, you might be thinking you can make patties with just your bare hands. But the truth is the press makes it a thousand times quicker and easier… and for a much better end result. Plus, if you’re not a meat lover you can still use the press with salmon, crab cake or any of your favorite foods. Most importantly, you can also be assured of the quality of the press too… as it’s made from thick, heavy-duty, BPA free white plastic that can handle regular use over a long period. For those of you who hate cleaning up afterwards and dealing with mess, the press is dishwasher safe and super easy to clean. And as a special extra bonus you’ll also receive a FREE 10 gourmet burger recipe cookbook – which is our gift to you for being our customer. This cookbook will allow you to start cooking burgers immediately. In summary… the “Yumms! Hamburger Press” is exceptionally well designed, but at the same time it’s also well priced. Finally, it’s a RISK-FREE PURCHASE as it comes with a lifetime guarantee where we’ll refund 100% your money if you’re not satisfied for any reason… no questions asked.



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