Ultra Omega 3 fish oil review

This is for Island miracle ultra omega three fish oil just 2 tabs a day gives you 2600mg………..

I’ve used Fish Oil my entire life but have always HATED the fishy smell and taste. These go down smoothly, do NOT taste like fish and provide me with my daily supplement. These are made with lemon oil, which sets them apart from every other Fish oil on the market. Islands Miracle FINALLY solved the fishy problem of Fish Oil Supplements! You get 180 softgels, and the packaging of the bottle is very festive and good “fishy”. I really enjoy these over other Fish Oil supplements because these offer more EPA and DHA per serving than any other brand out there. You can find these on Amazon and it’s a great value for your money! I highly recommend these if you are like me and hate that fishy smell and taste, you will not dread taking these!

  • ISLAND’S MIRACLE ULTRA OMEGA-3 FISH OIL 180 COUNT SOFTGELS – Providing an unmatched 2,600mg per serving of Omega-3 fatty acids comprising of 650mg DHA, 860mg EPA, and 130mg other fatty acids. No other brands have this maximum dose and highest potency combination available! Also contains lemon oil for no fish burps – Best Pharmaceutical Grade.SOURCED ONLY FROM USA TOP QUALITY DEEP COLDWATER OCEAN LIVING FISH – We use only the best top quality fish from the USA in deep coldwater areas guaranteed to have the highest purity, nutritional value, and safety for you.

    100% PURE MOLECULARLY DISTILLED & HIGHEST ABSORPTION – By molecularly distilling our fish oil, we are able to safely remove heavy metals, PCB’s (chlorine compound found in water), and many other potentially harmful toxins. Our product is third party tested and guaranteed to have NO gluten, dairy, soy, corn, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

    NO FISHY AFTERTASTE OR FISH BURPS – We addressed this in 2 ways: 1) We added an ENTERIC COATING and 2) We added LEMON OIL. The enteric coating is designed to hold together in acidic conditions (the stomach) and break down in non-acid conditions, therefore releasing the fish oil in the intestines and not the stomach. As a secondary measure, we added lemon oil to our omega-3 fish oil to eliminate the fishy taste. So if you can’t stand the fishy aftertaste or the dreaded fish burps, look no further!

    100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – This is the highest quality fish oil available with the highest safe dose and maximum potency available – we confidently back it up with our world class customer service and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


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