Garlic pills for the better you

This is a review of BRI’s Garlic extra strength supplements

I was surprised how small and easy to take, just 2 per day and you are good.  There are a lot of health benefits to Garlic in your diet everyday. 

BRI Nutrition’s Garlic Extra Strength dietary supplement has taken innovation to higher leaps making this product like no other. This BURPLESS garlic supplement enables you to experience the benefits of garlic without even smelling any scent of garlic on your breath let alone your burps. Because who wants to smell like walking vampire repeller whenever interacting with our fellow humans? Our Garlic Supplement is guaranteed to deliver maximum strength and maximum benefits without the disadvantage of smelling like pungent vegetable. That’s why this supplement offers all these benefits and increasing its potency and effectivity it has in one’s body. Such benefits are fortifying our overall health through having direct effects in regards to improving any cardiovascular disorders or problems, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart attacks. It also aids in our immune system thus decreasing chances of illness or infection. Garlic’s benefits do not stop there; it also aids in maintaining a proper or healthy circulation, digestion, and as well has detoxifying capabilities. These benefits have become possible because garlic is made up of key ingredients or compounds that contribute a variety of health benefits to the body. Scientifically named Allium sativumbut is also referred to as Garlicin, Camphor of the Poor, or Stinking Rose.

Check out this review from Readers Digest

Buy them here at Amazon

Disclaimer: Bri Nutrition sent me this product, complimentary for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are unbiased and my own. 


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