IPhone Lightning Cable 

This is the first Apple Lightning cord kid proven and with a Lifetime Guarantee !!!!!!!!!   That’s Crazy no it’s great if you have kids as they love to destroy those cables at least mine do.

Iphone Charging Cable

All cables are created equal, wrong? This cable is kid tested and Mom and Dad Approved! We were cable poor it seemed all our cables stopped charging our iphones. As a parent I went on a quest to find the best cable out there that could stand up to punishment of our kids. Lightning Supplies certified lightning cable has what most cheap replacements don’t. This cable is kid tested, we have our kids test our products inside and out. We all know if it can stand up to quality control of our kid’s. It is truly the best quality out there.

  • 100% compatible with Verizon iphone, Sprint iphone, ATT iphone & Virgin Mobile iphone.
  • We offer 6 inch 152.4 Millimeter, 3ft, 1m and 6ft, 2m for iphone/ipod/ipad ideal for usage while charging in home, cars, office and more.
  • Slim connector design that allows it to be used with all devices and all designs without ever removing it from iphone cases.
  • Our cable will work with most all cases including Otterbox, Lifeproof and most all waterproof iphone cases
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE ! Lightning Supplies stands behind this product performance & compatibility. THIS IS THE LAST CABLE YOU WILL EVER NEED TO BUY !!   #IphoneCharger


I was able to try one for a honest review and I am so happy with this product, get yours today.


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