Review of Boom Shock case

This review is of the Boom Case for IPhone 6 in Blue.  This case is what you need on the job-site working hard everyday for you to protect your expensive phone.

Fed up of endless damaged phones? Excess insurance fees? Repair costs? Looking after your phone does not have to be hard! With handsets become thinner, lighter, harder to grip and more expensive getting proper protection for the device you rely on is more vital than ever!  Let the case take the beating so your phone doesn’t have to!
Introducing the new SHOCKDouble Protection Case with Built In Media Stand! 

Specifically designed for your iPhone 6 for protection, function and style. 

Advanced 2-Part Advanced Protection 

The unique design of the SHOCK2 case is formed of 2 completely separate elements, one soft TPU and one hard polycarbonate, that seamlessly click together to allow for increased shock absorption, heat distribution and grip in a slim but rugged design..

Part 1: The outer shell. Made with non-shatter rugged reinforced polycarbonate this forms the hard outer element to the rear of the case. Coupled with our unique tyre design

to improve grip and handling, as well as better heat distribution, this outperforms others before we even mention that there is a built-in media stand without adding any bulk.

Part 2: The inner bumper is a rubberised TPU sleeve that fits snuggly around the phone with easy access to all the of the buttons, functions and camera. This part includes increased protection around the corners, a weak point when dropped and an overreaching edge to the front to help reduce impact for drops with the screen side down.

The KickStand: 
Fed up with propping up your phone with any random item to sit back and watch a TV show or a film? With screen sizes actually decent enough to allow this a stand is essential! Perfect for Facetime & Skype.

Improved Heat Dissipation: 
Inside the TPU bumper we have also introduced a heat dissipation panel which couples with the tyre grid on the outer shell to help transfer heat away from your phone faster.

Key Features:

  • 2-Part Protection iPhone 6 case for increased protection from shocks and drops.
    Comfortable handsfree viewing or Facetime video chat with built-in kickstand.
    Enhanced corners for maximum protection at the weakest points.
    Ergonomic, slip-free slim design for secure grip and handling of your iPhone 6.
    Easy access for all buttons, ports, sensors and camera.

Recommendations For Fitting & Removing The SHOCK-Case 
It is advised that you install and remove the inner sleeve and the outer shell separately. The combined parts are designed to be tight and a secure fit around your phone so it is not advised you try to do this in one action.
We love this case so much we are offering the boom lifetime faulty replacement guarantee!

Get yours today, I was given this to try for a honest review……………. I luv it











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