Review of Quick Temp Thermometer

This review is for the QuickTemp Digital thermometer this is a instant read in 4 seconds quick and fast like the name says powered by one AAA battery.  Pull the probe out it turns on push the probe back in and it shuts off.

This is a very nice product and very accurate it’s great in the kitchen make sure you get your today also makes a great gift !!  I really love using this in my kitchen and outside on the BBQ grill

QuickTemp Digital thermometer gives a fast, accurate temperature reading in 3-5 seconds giving chefs confidence in their cooking. Professional presentations are possible when food is cooked properly to the correct temperature giving every chef the chance to appear a Pro at their dinner party.

The sharp probe on the thermometer enters the food quickly and easily, gets the temperature, has a “Hold” feature to allow you to close the oven or BBQ and then see the temperature without losing all the heat, and doesn’t destroy the presentation in the process. It’s now possible to know if your meatloaf is really done all the way through without cutting into it and making it look like a dog’s breakfast.

Sleep deprived new parents can get the temperature of baby’s food or formula in just 3 seconds without sticking a finger in order to test it. If the formula is too cold, the baby gets a tummy ache, too hot, and he won’t be pleased about that either. Know you have the right temperature quickly and baby is happy once again. Sleep is only moments away.

Any BBQ aficionado will tell you that making each guest happy with meat cooked to their preference is next to impossible without knowing the internal temperature. A different interior temperature for each doneness is easy to achieve and the QuickTemp website gives  FDA recommended temperatures for various meats and doneness.




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