Review of Bright-light headlamp

This is my review of Bright-lights LED Cree Headlamp this is one of the brightest LED’s that I have seen.  This is great for hunting, hiking, running or if the power goes out!!  Also included a blue aluminum whistle for my key chain and I keep one in my bug-out bag in my truck.  Sells on Amazon for $29.99 and Prime members get free shipping

Low Beam Up to 9 meters of light. Discrete yet just enough to do most ordinary tasks like reading or even finding things you need around the house at night
Medium Beam Up to 65 meters of light. Our most common setting used. A wide, close proximity uniform flood beam with no blank spots. You can do almost everything from night trail running, hiking, or even hunting without blinding those around you.
High Beam Up to 168 meters of light. The perfect setting for special circumstances like looking off in the distance to find trail markers
RED Strobe and Flashlight shine up to 17 meters of light. Perfect for emergency situations like when you’re car has suddenly broken down or you’re lost in the wilderness. Let people know your location with a push of a button. Use the steady red light setting to read a book in bed without bothering those around you
•Not only do we provide 3 AAA batteries, but our advanced technology provides stable lighting power over the life of the batteries.

*** I was given this product for a honest review

What does all this mean?
Essentially we’re providing a way to keep your hands free and keep you active with the most versatile headlamp on the market.Buy with Confidence
All Bright-Light headlamps are manufactured with the utmost precision. Each product is inspected before being shipped in conflict free packaging. We are so confident our product will not disappoint that we offer a no questions asked LIFETIME GUARANTEE.








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