Review of Great Aussie Grill Brush

This is my review of Radar products giant great grill brush. This is the King of grill brushes !! 👍

The Great Aussie Grill Brush makes cleaning your Barbeque grills and grates easy. This brush gives you the SECRET to Great BBQ Grilling. The INNOVATIVE AUSTRALIAN DESIGN makes this the BEST BRUSH ON THE MARKET for cleaning between the grill grates to remove baked on grease and grime. EXTRA BRISTLES have been added to allow all angles to be covered.

This 18 INCH grill brush is HEAVY DUTY. It is the perfect size and shape for SIMPLE, SAFE and EFFECTIVE cleaning. Its LONG HANDLE allows long flowing brush strokes and EASY CLEANING while the grill is still hot without the steam or heat burning your hands. The STRENGTH and STURDINESS of this brush also allows you to use some “ELBOW GREASE” to remove baked on BBQ cooking residue where necessary.


God I luv this grill brush, I was given this to review.






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