Review of AutoBar should be in every car!!!

The AutoBar by Calibre products let me first say this 2 lb tool is impressive to hold wrapped in grippe rubber cut out of your seatbelt or break a window to get out of your car and also becomes a handle __ I’m glad to have it in my car you need this for safety.

Our AutoBar is specially designed to make accessing your car even easier. By providing a sturdy grab handle that is capable of taking an adult’s weight, the user can push up from, or lower down into the seat. Having a secure handle gives confidence and protects against potential falls, while getting in or out of your vehicle. The AutoBar fits into all cars and van’s with a ‘U’ shaped striker plate (99% of all models). You can also fit the AutoBar neatly inside a backpack or a handbag, allowing you to take it with you to use in taxis or if a friend is picking you up.

The 3-in-1 AutoBar also provides you with a useful window breaker and seatbelt cutter. These features will assists you in any emergency situation where you need to either smash the vehicle’s window to escape, or if your seatbelt fails to unplug. You can release yourself from the seatbelt using the integral blade that is safely located in a protected position on the underside of the AutoBar handle. Cutting the seatbelt is quick and easy; just place the belt in the narrow access slot and tug towards the blade.

Ergonomically designed handle- Giving you comfort when using the AutoBar.

• Independence – knowing that you are able to support yourself with confidence when entering or exiting any vehicle.

• Peace of mind – Peace of mind; knowing that you have the tools to help yourself escape in an emergency situation.

• Guaranteed satisfaction – if for any reason you are unhappy with your AutoBar, we stand by our money back guarantee policy. We pride ourselves on our customer services and will work with you until you are 100% satisfied.

Sells for $26 on Amazon IMG_3068




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