Keep Cool wine chiller review

This is my review of the KeepCool wine chiller it is perfect for parties I was amazed how perfect temperature it held my wine at while letting the wine breathe.



Ever Wished that your Wine was Just at the Perfect Tasting Temperature?
KeepCool is the Choice of Wine Enthusiasts, developed with wine lovers in mind, it keeps your Bottle Cool from the Inside; Every Time you use it, so you Have More Time to Enjoy your Wine.
KeepCool maintains Pre-chilled White, Rose and Sparkling Wines fresh for longer and Reds at their Perfect Drinking Temperature without watering them down.
– It lets your wine Gently Breathe enhancing its Natural Flavours. 
– It lets you Pour your Wine Neatly without removing the chiller. 
– It is Easy to Use: screw the Pourer-Aerator onto the Chilling Rod and slide into the bottle. 
– It is Easy to Clean: just rinse it with clear water.
– It is Built to Last: KeepCool is a Beautifully Crafted Chiller, Aerator and Pourer manufactured under the strictest quality controls, it is simply the Finest Wine Chiller you can find.
Your KeepCool features:
– a Guaranteed LEAK PROOF 304 STAINLESS STEEL chilling rod filled it with BPA free Cool Gel for slower cold release. 
– a Dripless Pourer-Aerator made of Food Grade Clear Resin and Silicone that Fits Tightly onto the Bottle; its New Design with Larger Holes also improves wine breathing.KeepCool’s Elegace will Impress your Guests. Presented in its Gift Box, it makes an Oustanding Gift for friends and family; a Birthday, father’s day, Valentine’s day and every other occasion.






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