Francois et Mini 50oz French Press Review

This is a very nice and high quality glass French press. This is a very large, well made, french press coffee maker which has a much larger capacity than other French presses I have used. The maker seems well made, solid, and substantial. The press works well, in that none of the coffee grounds escape through or around the metal screening, unlike some of the cheaper ones I have used in the past. The glass insert **does** separate from the metal stand, but I was able to throw the entire thing in the dishwasher without any noticeable issues, and the entire press was easily cleaned. This is heat resistant, which means you can add very hot water to the press, but the press itself cannot be heated on a heat source.

~~Elegant Chrome Finish
•Holds 1500ml, or 50oz
•Dishwasher Safe
•Micro-Mesh Filter
•Works great with coarse-ground coffee or tea leaves — luv this !





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