All Tines Spiral Slicer review

This amazing tool Shredded my zucchini in to zucchini spaghetti. This it the nicest presentation box I have seen

  • — TWO DIFFERENT STYLES and SLICING SIZES – Would you like to make spaghetti/long thin strands (2mm x 3mm)? Or are more a wide Fettuccine kind of person (3.5mm x 1″). Perfect sizes to create vegetable stir-fries, pasta dishes, salad brighteners and more! Highest quality spiral vegetable slicer with special super sharp Japanese stainless steel blades & high grade food-safe plastic. Design awesome dishes! —
  • The perfect gift for anyone who wants to eat healthy! — THE FINEST SPIRAL SLICER of All Times Order now and receive FREE add ons and lifetime guarantee upon registration — The extra information (EBOOK will be sent via Amazon email address within 24 hours). Please send us an email if you do not receive the E-Book within 24 hours so that we can send them via email — <br>BPA FREE and FDA approved and Frustration FREE — No Risk/No hassle/Money back guarantee when not satisfied.</br>
  • — AMAZING FEATURES! Small and compact, lightweight, structural optimised design, which enables you to make different kind of spiralized dishes in just a matter of seconds. Prefer julienne strands? Or rather have some spiralized slices? This Spiral slicer has best of both worlds, unlike the others which have two different julienne strand sizes. Imagine these lovely vegetable flowers, consisting out of cucumbers and carrots, surrounding your dishes, every special occasion or just for the fun of it. People will be amazed by your skills in the kitchen! Other features Dishwasher Safe, FDA approved, BPA-FEE, protective cap, Instruction Manual and many more! —
  • — Treat Yourself and others with this phenomenal kitchen gadget! Being healthy is not always easy to do when eating meals over and over again. However shed a new dimension to your cooking with spiralizing some amazing dishes and blowing your friends and family away! Imagine your kids coming home from school and seeing an amazon spiralized salad or zucchini pasta on the table! Picture the amazing meals you can put in front of your family during christmas times or just on a daily basis. Who doesn’t want to blow the minds of their loved ones away? —
  • — The Finest Spiral Slicer of all Times comes with lots of FREE add ons! Like a pair of cleaning brushes and Free EBOOK! This Ebook, is send by email to the address registered on amazon, and is fully downloadable. It contains articles, tips, recipes and many more! — All Times Finest treats all her customers as family. Therefore this package comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE (upon registration). Which makes sure this is the only time in your life that you will buy a spiral slicer. No need to keep the receipt or purchase information! Register today and have a LIFETIME guarantee on the product. It even comes with a money back guarantee when not fully satisfied with your product! 







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